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Article: Facts about Lions by SIYA GUPTA


The lion is a type of genius panther. It has a muscular, deep-chested body, a short-rounded head, a pair of round eats and a hairy knot at the end of its tail. 

 A male lion has a mane around its head and female lion does not have the mane around its head.



A lion is called the king of the jungle. But do you know why is Lion called the king of the jungle and no other animal?

Come on I will tell.

The lion is called the king of the jungle not because it is the strongest but because it a lion possesses the kingship abilities, which unlike tigers are the most aggressive and very powerful in the cat family but do not possess the kingship abilities that are available in lions and that is why tigers are not the king of the jungle but lions are.

We all know how lions look, but do you know their size? Come on let’s learn about the size of a lion.

1). Average size of female lions

   Head and body length=160-184cm (63-72in)
Tail Length=72 -89.5cm (28.3-35.2in)
Weight=118.37-143.52kg (261.0-316.4ib) in Southern Africa
119.5kg (263ib) in East Africa,110-120kg (240-260ib) in India

2). Average size of male lion

   Head and body length=184-208cm (72-82in)
Tail Length=82.5-93.5cm (32.5-36.8in)
Weight=186.55-225kg (411.3-496.0ib) in Southern Africa
174.9kg (386ib) in East Africa,160-190kg (350-420ib) in India 


Now let’s learn some facts about Lion


·   A lion’s roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles but it cannot roar until it is 2 years old.

·    Lions are the second largest cat species in the world.

·    A good average of a male lion’s age is to his mane, the darker a mane, the older a lion.

·    It can run for short distances at 50 mph and leap as far as 36 feet.

·    Many lions drink water everyday if available, but they live without water for 4-5 days.

·   Its heel doesn’t touch the ground when they walk.

·   It may sleep 20 hours a day.

Lion and Lioness


We all know that lions are a type of cats. But do we know the difference between Cats and Lions. Come on let us learn. 

1).Although cats and lions are nearly identical in structure, lions have slightly larger brains (for their size) than cats.

2).While Cats have vertical, slit pupils, Lions have round pupils.

3).Cats have purr but don’t roar, whereas, lions roar but don’t purr.

Cat and Lion




Article written by : SIYA GUPTA

Grade: 6th

Age: 11 years

Published on: 22nd May 2021

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