A small step can lead to giant growth


We believe counselling is important for children to bring the best in them. Our counselling sessions are designed to facilitate student achievement and improve performance. We offer counselling to children and help them perform better and to help them choose their carriers.



Every child is different. Every child has potentials which when nurtured can definitely produce some good fruits. Every parent wants the best for their child and so they try to provide everything best to their child. But in this process we forget what our child actually wants or should I say what our child actually needs. 

In that race of giving the best to our child and trying to get the best from the child we sometimes pressurize the child so much that the child starts entering there own world and starts ignoring every thing else.

I personally believe that if we talk to our children then we can definitely get the best out of our children.

But, sometimes the child is not comfortable talking to their parents, and if you feel they need some kind of counselling where some positive talking related to different fields of life, then we are there to help you out.

Process we follow:

Step 1: Psychometric tests which access the interest and liking of the student.

Step 2: One to One talk with the Child.

Step 3: One to One talk with the parents.

Step 4: Talk with both Parents and Child together.

Step 5: Further One to One sessions with the child.