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1.    Sanjay bought a fan for 325.80, a table for 809.06 and a chair for 251.15. How much did he spend on all these items?


2.    Kiara has 645.65. She gets 290.80 from her father and 175.55 from her mother. How much money is left with her if she spends 386.90 on her dress?


3.    Tanu earned 345.65 on Tuesday, 472.70 on Wednesday, 396.25 on Thursday. She earns some Rupees on Friday. In case she earned 2000 on all four days, then how much did she earn on Friday?


4.    The cost of pack of 15 balls is 288.75 and a pack of 9 shuttlecocks is 81. If I buy one ball and one shuttlecock how much would I pay to the shopkeeper?


5.    A person earns 7903 in three weeks. How much does he earn in one week?


6.    A school uniform cost 500.65. what will be the cost of 15 such uniforms?


7.    Hitansh divides 80.25 among five friends equally. How much did each friend receive?


8.    There are 70.678 Kg of lemons in a basket. If the lemons are put equally in 12 groups, how much does each group weigh?


9.    If the total cost of 9 erasers is 8.73 what is the cost of one eraser.


10.   A piece of cloth cost 550.55. What will be the cost of 15 such pieces of cloth?


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