Word Problems: HCF & LCM

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Word Problems: HCF & LCM



1.  Find the lowest natural number which when divided by 16,28,40,77 leaves a remainder of 8 in each case.




2.  The students in a class can be divided into groups 2,3,5,6. What is the least number of children this class will have?





3.  There are 72,108 and 132 strawberries in 3 individual baskets. What is the largest group into which strawberries can be split so that they are equally arranged in the individual baskets?





4.  Find the greatest 6-digit number which are exactly divisible by 24,15 and 36.




5.  You want to plant 48 tomato plants, 54 coconut plants and 66 mango plants in your kitchen garden. If you put the same number of plants in each row and each row has only one type of plants, what is the greatest number of plants you can put in each row?





6.  Four bells ring at the interval of 4,7,12 and 84 seconds. First time bells ring at 4:00 PM. At what time will they ring again.






7.  Cups are sold in a packet of 8 and plates are sold in a packet of 12. If you want to take equal number of plates and cups for the party what is the least number of packets of cups and plates that you need to buy?






8. There are four drums containing 54 litres,72 litres,84 litres and 66 litres of water. What is the capacity of the drum that we should take so that equal amount of oil is taken from all the three drums?



9.  Three rabbits can hop 4 feet, 3 feet and 5 feet respectively in each hop. If they start at the same time then at which hop will they meet together?






10. Saira and her friends went for a picnic. Saira carried 10 sandwiches, 15 burgers and 25 pastries. Saira and her friends distributed them equally.

A.   Find out how many people were there in the picnic.

B.   How many veg rolls did each of them get?

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