Weather and Season

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Weather and Season

Weather and Season



Weather is a condition of the atmosphere.

Our day may start bright and sunny but soon it may turn out to be windy or cloudy. This is called a change in weather.

Weather keeps on changing and the facts about the weather changes depends on the sun, wind, clouds and rain.



· The position of the sun in the sky affects weather. Days are usually hotter than nights.

· At noon, when the sun is over our head the weather is the hottest. The rays of the sun are falling directly.

· A bright sunshine indicates sunny weather.



· We know moving air is called wind. When the wind blows gently, the weather is said to be breezy.

· Strong wind causes windy weather.

· Very strong winds cause stormy weather. This usually causes damage to life and property.

· In summer, the wind is hot or warm so we feel hot and sweaty.

· In winter, we feel cold as the wind is also cold.



· When the skies are full of clouds, the weather is said to be cloudy.

· Only grey/dark clouds bring rain.

·  On cloudy days, the rays of the sun cannot reach the land. So, the weather is cooler on cloudy days than on sunny days.



·  During rainy weather, the air becomes cool and humid.



Nowadays, Satellites help us to get advance information about the weather. We The information is called the weather forecast.

Newspapers, radios and television update us about the weather. This information is very useful for farmers, pilots, sailors and fishermen who live near the seashore.



A season is a division of the year based on changes in weather, area, number of daylight hours in a particular region. There are major 2 factors resulting in the seasons on our Earth.

 The main seasons are:-


·      Summer season lasts from April to June.

·      The weather in summer season is majorly dry.

·      Days are long, while the nights are short.

·      During Summer season, the weather is hotter in the plains than in the hilly regions.

·      We like to wear loose cotton clothes which can keep us cool.



·      Monsoon season lasts from July to September.

·      The weather is cool, humid and sometimes the wind blows strongly.

·      Rain brings relief to farmers. Most of the rivers, ponds, lakes, wells and streams get filled up again with water.

·      We use raincoats, umbrellas and gumboots.



·      Winter season lasts from November to February.

·      Days are short, while nights are long. It’s cold the whole day.

·      We wear woolen clothes to keep us warm.

·      We also enjoy hot drinks like coffee, tea, soups, etc. during winter.



·      March is the considered as the season of spring.

·      It is neither too hot nor too cold.

·      The weather is pleasant.

·      Lots of flowers bloom.

·      Fields are full of new crops.

·      It is also a harvest season.



·      October is a considered the autumn season.

·      The weather is dry and hot with a few rain showers.

·      Trees shed their leaves in this season.




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