GRADE 4 Matter Test 3

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GRADE 4 Matter Test 3


Select the correct match:

  1. Some liquids                      a)  have the least intermolecular space.
  2. Solids                                   b)  take the shape and volume of the container.
  3. Gases                                   c)  are melted solids.

Which of these statements are true?

Zorawar opened a bottle of soda and there was a sudden pop and bubbles were seen in the soda. What were these bubbles?

What happen when we mix salt with water?

Where will you put hydrogen?

Which processes can change a solid to liquid and vice versa?

Mother wears gloves while lifting the container of cake from the oven. This is because ____________.

Look at the objects below. From the following statements, select the ones which are true.

        1)  A is heavier than B.                                   

        2)  Both A & B are solids.

        3)  Both A & B have same volume.

        4)  Both A & B are insoluble in water.

        5)  Both A & B have same mass.

Which sentence describes all the objects in the box?

Gas flows freely in __________________ directions.

Cooling a gas can change it into a liquid. This process is called _________________.

Which of the following cannot be compressed easily?

Which of the following is a solution?

Kavish placed strips made of four materials in a container full of hot water. After 5 minutes., he tried to pick up one of them with his bare hands. Which one could he pick up?

A gas is different from a solid as

Which of these is made of metal?

Select the odd one:

Add description here!

Which of these statements are not true?

In which will you place ice?

Refer to the given figure of water cycle carefully and answer the following question. At stage X of water cycle, water loses heat to the surroundings but at stage Y it gains heat. Which of the following Best describes stages X and Y?

           X                                                          Y                                                                            

 A.       1                                                           2
B.        2                                                           1                                                                              
C.        2                                                           3                        
D.        3                                                           1

Shanaya described a substance as follows:

It is insoluble in water which can be separated from water by filtration.

Which of the following has the largest volume?

Fill a transparent glass with muddy water. Allow it to stand for some time. You will see that all the mud and insoluble substance settle down at the bottom of the glass. This process is called

Under what circumstance does water vapours in the air change into clouds?

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