GRADE 3 Matter Test 1

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GRADE 3 Matter Test 1

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Madhuri kept some water in a refrigerator and after some time the water changed into ice. What is this process called?

Which property is true for solids?

Identify the substance that is insoluble in water.

What helps in letting the smoke out from the kitchen?

Which from of water is water vapour?

Anurag took a glass of cold water from the refrigerator and placed it on a table. After few minutes he observed water drops on the outer surface of the glass. How did they form?

We can measure the room temperature by using ___________________.

When ice cream is left out of a freezer, the ice cream changes its form from a _________.

A student took some unknown matter into a beaker. The matter took the shape of the Beaker. Later he transferred the matter into a measuring cylinder. The matter took the shape of the cylinder but its volume remained the same. What is the state of that matter?

The burning of fire needs

To obtain water from water vapour, we should _______________ the water vapour.

When Saira blew air into a balloon it expanded. This shows that

Which of the following is wrong?

Which instrument is used to measure the temperature of hot water?

Which states of matter has the strongest force of attraction between its molecules?

Which of the following are in solid state?

Look at the venn diagram below.

Which process is represented by ‘X’?

Snow is a form of water in _________________state.

In how many states can water exist?

Which of these is a SOLID and has a STRONG SMELL?

Which of the following is a source of heat and light to all living organisms?

Which of the following would BEST describe refined oil?

What can be ground into a paste using a little water?

What do 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the processes shown below represent?

Name the process ‘X’ in the given figure.

Which processes produce energy?

Why does water vapour rise upwards?

When water is cooled to _________________ degree celsius, it freezes and changes to ice.

Which of these has been put under the INCORRECT heading?

Which of these is the solid form of water?

Which of the following is/are in the gaseous state of matter?

The clouds are formed by

What is the best way to dispose waste water from our kitchen?

Bat is a living thing as it

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