Number System (Exercise 2)

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Number System (Exercise 2)


1. Write each of the following numbers in digits by using international place value chart. Also, write them in expanded form

(i)        Seven million four hundred three thousand two hundred six.

(ii)       Fifty-five million twenty-nine thousand eight.

(iii)      Seven billion one hundred ten million three thousand seven.


2. Rewrite each of the following numerals with proper commas in the international system of numeration. Also, write the number name of each in the international system of numeration

(I) 513665     (ii) 4033372    (iii) 6592923         (iv) 70922005  

3. Write each of the following numbers in the international system of numeration:

(i)        Forty-three lakh one thousand eighty-four.

(ii)       Six crores thirty-four lakh four thousand sixty-four.

(iii)      Nine lakhs thirty-five thousand eight hundred ninety-nine only.


4. Write the following numbers in the Indian system of numeration:

(i)        Six million five hundred forty-three thousand nine hundred ten.

(ii)       Fifty-six million eighty-five thousand nine hundred eighty-seven.

(iii)      Three hundred twenty-five million two hundred seventy-nine thousand eight hundred thirty-eight.


5. A certain nine-digit number has only ones in one’s period, only threes in the thousands period and only fourss in millions period. Write this number in words in the Indian system.

6. How many thousands make a million?


7. How many millions make a billion?


8. How many lakhs make a billion?



9. Write each of the following in numeral form:

(I) Eight million seven hundred Nine thousand four.

(ii) Six hundred seven million twelve thousand eighty-four.

(iii) Four billion twenty-five million forty-five thousand.


10. Write the number names of each of the following in international system of numeration.

(1) 400,002  (ii) 1,049,509           (iii) 56,064,523        (iv) 25,221,905


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