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Now I know REFLECTION, and make my own patterns…

Mosaic bits of colors, I see through my KALEIDOSCOPE

Turning up and down, and jumbled in between

Is a sky of dancing rainbows, with shades of tangerine…

Watch our JR. Scientists UNDERSTANDING the concept of REFLECTION and making KALEIDOSCOPE


We have our e-books published on Amazon for Grade 3 and Grade 4. The books serve as an important guide for Science Olympiads organized by SOF, Silverzone, Unified Council and others. Books are designed to help students understand key science concepts.

The key highlights of the book are:

·      Well explained topics

·      Use of diagrams and images for students to visualize

·      Test exercise after each chapter for self-assessment and evaluation

·      Interesting facts sections spread across the book

Here are the links: