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Giving birth to a Baby in space, Wait WHAT!!!



I know that you have heard about space and giving birth. Have you ever heard of giving birth to a baby in space? In this article you will learn about when and how we will pull this off. How will it change science? Is anyone company doing this? What are the dangers?


First, why would we do this? What purpose would it serve? Well, we would do this because if we are in crisis, we must be prepared to recreate humanity. That is why it is especially important.


There is a company called Space life origin willing to this task. This company is based in Netherlands. The Chinese are also in this.


There would be a space craft launched. That is how we will pull this off.




As you know the bones become weaker in zero G. That is the main concern. How will that affect us. Well, the less gravity will make it more difficult to give birth and that would be concerning because the pelvis could fracture.


We all know the way we give birth influences our anatomy. It might change our skin color because of more UV radiation and to make that impossible we may evolve. One of the evolutions may be that we have darker skin but it may take centuries.








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Article written by : AVYAY

Grade: 5th

Age: 10 years

School: NPS, Singapore

Published on: 11th June 2021

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