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Gautam Buddha

      Gautam Buddha was born around 563 BCE.

      His original name was Siddhartha.

      His father was King Suddhodhana and his mother was Mayadevi.

      He was born at Lumbini Gardens in present-day Nepal.


Grew up in the luxuries of palace one day he was moved by the sight of old age, disease and death.


      He was influenced by Bikshu who is a hermit, seemed to be calm and peaceful.

      One night when everyone was asleep he left his palace and became an ascetic.

      This is often referred to as Buddha’s great departure or great renunciation.

      At last he found enlightenment under a peepal tree in what is now bodh Gaya situated in Bihar.

      Since then Siddhartha came to be known as the Buddha, meaning: The enlightened one.

      He taught us four noble truths which, according to him gave a person supreme liberation.


The four Noble truths are as follows:

1.      Life is full of sorrow.

2.               Desire is the cause of all sorrow.

3.               To be free from sorrow one should give up desire.

4.               Desire can be controlled by following the eightfold path.


The eight fold path

1.     Right view

2.               Right intention

3.               Right speech

4.               Right action

5.               Right livelihood

6.               Right effort

7.               Right mindfulness

8.               Right concentration



      The religion founded by Buddha is called Buddhism.

      Buddhism has spread far in the world.

      Today it is also practised in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tibet, India of course, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.



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Article written by : LETISHA

Grade: 6th

Age: 11 years

School: Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh, INDIA

Published on: 14th July 2021


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