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Form Expression from Word Problem


  Write the expression for the following word problems.




1. I have P pens already. I am given 4 packs of pen. Each pack 

contains 10 pens. How many total pens do I have?


2. There are B people on a bus. At the next stop, 34 people get off the bus. On the next stop 23 board the bus. How many total people are 

present in the bus now?


3.  Aditya cuts a long piece of wood into 50 cm pieces. He manages 

to cut W pieces of wood and additional 25 cm of the wood is left. 

How long was the piece of wood at the start?


4. There are C cyclists in the race. 2/3 of the cyclists finish the race. How many cyclists did not finish the race?  


5. There are D deer and P parrots in the Zoo. How many legs are 

there in total?


6.  Tegh had C chocolates which he shares equally among 6 friends. What share did each friend got?


7.  In a class of M students, there are 12 boys. What is the fraction of boys in the class?


8.  A chicken weighs T kg. It takes 20 minutes to cook 1 kg of Chicken and extra 15 minutes. How much is the total cooking time?


9.  I need to buy P pencils. I buy 5 packs of 9 pencils but still I need more pencils to buy to make it P. How many more pencils do I need to buy?


10. Divya gets R rupees. She spends 1/3 of the money to buy a game. She spends ½ of the remaining money on buying chocolates. How much money did she spend on buying chocolates?




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