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We have seen a tiger chasing a deer on TV or a cow eating grass. After a few years, a kitten becomes a cat and in a few months, a puppy becomes a dog. Animals like horses, elephants and camels carry loads and work for us. They need energy to work. This energy comes from the food they eat. Animals need food to grow, stay healthy and to get energy for doing work. Plants can make their own food but animals cannot. Different animals have different eating habits. They eat either plants or the flesh of other animals.
PLANT-EATING ANIMALS (Herbivorous animals):
Some animals feed on grass, plants, fruits and roots. Some feed on grams and nuts. These are plant-eating animals. They are called Herbivores. They do not eat the flesh of other animals. Some plant-eating animals are cows, horses, goats, elephants, etc.
FLESH-EATING ANIMALS (Carnivorous animals):
Some animals eat other animals. These are flesh-eating animals. They are called carnivores. They do not eat plants. Some flesh-eating animals are lions, tigers, snakes, wolves, etc.
Some animals eat both plants as well as the flesh of other animals. These animals are called omnivores. Some animals that eat both are bears, jackals, cats, dogs, etc. Humans also eat meat, fish, eggs as well as vegetables, fruits and nuts. So, they are also omnivores.

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