Stomping Dinosaur

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Stomping Dinosaur


Dinosaurs are extinct but still kids love to know about these
deadly and cute creatures. In our Slime making Station we cover the following:

Science station:

Dinosaur fossil Making 
Volcano Eruption Experiment

Creative Corner station:

Dino Night light

Dino Stone painting 

Dino Origami  

Dino Mask  


Fun Game station:           
Dinosaur tail stomp           Pin the Dino tail      

Dino Egg and Spoon race     Dino Footprint fun


Dino Photobooth      Dino balloon decor 

Takeaway: Whatever the child makes. 


Please Note:

 1- Activity will be available for 2 hours in your party.

2- GST (18%) will be charged extra.

3- Minimum requirement is 20 kids.