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Artificial Intelligence


In many Hollywood science fiction movies, they have flying cars, smart cars, and so on. It actually is now in the modern world becoming a reality, and AI is the main part of it.

AI is intelligence given by humans to an android or robot. That is why it is called Artificial Intelligence. It is intelligence that has to be given, it cannot be obtained from nature unless the android or robot after it gets its intelligence goes and gathers new knowledge.

It will able to compute all of its new information by newer and faster chips to speed up the process.


2 different AI

There are 2 different kinds of AI – Weak AI and Strong AI. Weak AI does one specific task, like a video game, as it can only do one task. A robot is a product of Weak AI, as it can only do one task, like vacuum the carpets of your house.  Strong AI is the opposite of Weak AI. Strong AI can do multiple tasks. It also is like us humans, it always learns from looking and trying out new stuff. A Tesla car has strong AI, as you can drive, watch TV, play video games, etc. An android is a product of strong AI, as it can do multiple tasks, like a phone, as you can talk, play games, etc on it.

You may think we should focus on only strong AI, but weak AI also is important. 

Why? Because ovens, video games, etc also are needs and wants, and that’s not all weak AI does. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use strong AI.

I’m trying to say we should work on both of the fields, as both of them are important on a daily life basis.


Do we even need AI??

You may think we don’t even need AI, as we survived long ago without it, but we really do need AI.  AI is everywhere, even when you don’t think about it. From ovens, to cars, to computers, to robots, to electronics, to video games you play on your couch! AI is everywhere.

So if I changed your opinion about AI and made it fun and interesting, you’ll enjoy this article.

 Anyway, back to AI. 

Many common electronics today were being laughed at long ago, like talking on phones without any wires required. AI is now really starting to change our day to day activities.

 We should try to find, encourage and try new things with AI, as it is just the beginning of a huge and very long revolution that will last centuries, maybe even millennials until they can do the most advanced technology of the world, perhaps a time machine, or a machine that travels a lot faster than the speed of light.

So AI is needed to accomplish many tasks, like going to the moon, or to mars, and etc. We need AI. This is just the beginning of a huge revolution that will change history and humanity, forever.

 Read this article about an electronic that will change everybody’s life forever and ever.


AI History

The person who deserves the most credit for the creation of AI would be Alan Turing. He made the Universal Turing Machine, during WWII this machine broke the Germans code to write messages, which saved hundreds of thousands of soldiers from dying and figured out the German plans to attack the Allies.


He is also famous for the Turing Test, which will decide whether has AI or doesn’t. So far, no AI has passed the test, as the AI has to convince a human that it is as smart as a human and trick them.

After WWII, the 1950’s – 1960’s, the public and researchers were excited about AI.

During the 1970’s – 1980’s, interest for AI started to dry up. People began to realise how far away real AI would be. Funding for AI stopped. Though, research didn’t completely stop.

Some people focused on strong AI, to make robots to do multiple tasks, while people

wanted to approach weak AI. The mid-1980’s made AI flourish upon researchers and the public. It started helping bankers in doing loan problems. Funding started to boost up. AI was at its peak point and everybody knew it. AI was used to search websites easily from the web.

With advanced computer processing from GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU (Central Processing Unit), AI research is expected to flourish further.



AI vs. Human in chess

Some AI is designed to be peaceful, like strategy games.

The AI computer DeepBlue was designed to play chess by IBM computers. It is most famous for beating chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

DeepBlue first played against Garry Kasparov on February 10, 1996. However, DeepBlue wasn’t very advanced in their first game. DeepBlue lost.

But IBM wasn’t ready to give up. They trained DeepBlue again until it was ready for its next match. Their next game was scheduled for May 11, 1997. This time DeepBlue won!

On one of the game’s, the grandmaster forfeited the game. Why? Because he would lose in 6 more moves.

In one game, DeepBlue won the game in just 19 moves!

After 6 games, it was decided. DeepBlue had won, 4-2. Many people thought negative things about the game.

Some people thought that if Garry hadn’t forfeited, DeepBlue might have not won.

Garry thought DeepBlue even cheated!

Some people thought that a computer glitch made DeepBlue win. Whatever the reason, technology won the game and people started coming up with moreinnovative ideas about AI.


AI students

Just like humans, AI also needs to learn. AlphaGo, DeepMind, etc didn’t just play against grandmasters and win. 

They had to see games, play games against themselves, learn the rules, etc. 

Then only they were prepared to play against grandmasters.


AI in Science Fiction

In science fiction, AI is used all the time.

Sometimes AI can also be the bad guy, like in movies like The Matrix, or Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Sometimes AI can be the good guy and the bad guy, like in Wall-e, where Auto is the bad guy, while EVE, Wall-e, the captain, etc are trying to help them or else Auto will destroy what is left of humanity.

 This is not true, but if we don’t take safety precautions, we might get humanity destroyed, or at worst, Earth destroyed.

Don’t just laugh, snicker or chuckle about it and take action, otherwise you’re going to be sorry you didn’t know.


AI takeover

In science fiction, people sometimes talk about AI takeover.

You may think it is a bunch of baloney, but famous people are actually saying this might happen!

Elon Musk says that in 2025, if AI gets too smart it might want freedom and override our system’s control on them and start a rebellion against us humans.


Also, if it falls in the hands of ruthless dictators or people like Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, etc, he predicts that they can take away fundamental rights and use it for bad things, like breaking satellites, bombing the USA, so on, so we should be prepared by keeping AI in the hands of good people, put safety protocols and rules to limit AI for bad purposes so then we can use the AI for good purpose. Using it to create jobs for homeless people, or make food for poor people is a good thing.



AI will be smart and able to do jobs that humans are doing, like drones delivering packages. For delivering goods, drones will be invented and used for it. Delivery by people will then maintain and put packages on drones instead of doing actual delivery jobs. AI will create as well as it can remove jobs for people. Before cars, we had carriages and coachmen. When cars were made, then we needed mechanics so it created new mechanic jobs, but then we didn’t need coachmen or people making carriages. So some lost their jobs due to this technology.

When AI will do your chores, how will you earn your money?

You can instead focus on creating new features and  maintain the robots to earn money instead of doing chores.

AI manufacturers

The key players who work on the AI revolution are going to be displayed below.

          ·       Tesla

·       IBM computers

·       DeepMind

·       Google AI

·       Apple

·       Microsoft

·       Facebook

·       Nvidia

·       Samsung

·       Lenovo

·       Dell

·       Sony

·       HP inc.


AI in the future

In the future, AI will become more popular than it is today. AI will get smarter than it is today. But everything comes with its own pros and cons. AI might get smarter and if it gets in the hands of bad and none-righteous people, the world will go kaboom and war, famine, and hunger might drastically go up. AI might also enslave us, and us humans will be in a lot of trouble, so we should be prepared. Safety measures will have to be taken to stop AI from taking over the world or people taking over AI to harm the good and innocent humans.


 Article written by : PIYUSH

Grade: 2nd

Age: 8 years

School: Dingerman Elementary School, San Diego, California

Published on: 10th January 2022


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