Magical Enchanto

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Magical Enchanto


Enchanto is a colorful, comforting and relatable Disney film with beautiful sculptured characters.

Science Station:

Julieta Madrigal Heals People: Potion Making    

Takeaway: 1 potion in a beautiful potion bottle.


Camila Madrigal can shape shift: Slime making

Takeaway: 1 Slime made by kid.

Bruno Madrigal has vision into the future : Experiment Revealing message


Pepa Madrigal can Control the weather with her mood : Experiment Vocano Eruption

Camila Madrigal can shapeshift: Slime making

Takeaway: 1 Slime made by kid.


Luisa Madrigal has Super brawny strength: Oobleck fun

Antonio Madrigal can communicate with animals: Dino Fossil making

Takeaway: 1 Dino Fossil made by kid.


Creative Corner:

Madrigal’s Candle: Glow jars

Takeaway: 1 Glow jar made by the kid.

Isabela Madrigal can make flowers bloom: Dream Catchers

Takeaway: 1 Dream Catcher made by the kid.


RETURN GIFT: Potion Making kit, Dino Fossil making kit, Slime kit


Decoration: Enchanto Photobooth, Enchanto balloon decor 

Please Note:

1- Activity will be available for 2 hours in your party.

2- GST (18%) will be charged extra.

3- Minimum requirement is 20 kids.Enchanto